Lost the Link & Merry Christmas

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Lost the Link & Merry Christmas

Post by Cat on Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:37 pm

Strange this it will allow me to post but claims my user name and password are incorrect??? Ok if I hadn't lost my marbles yet they are surely gone now... Guess we shall see if it posts, I am not what so ever familiar with the operations in this forum as it has been a very long time since I was here but LIFE you see takes place whether we wish it or not so I have been a tad bit busy. Pardon my person for having more then I wish to contend with going on in my life this year.
If you wish me to remain I shall if you would rather I leave just say the word. I wish to upset no one lord knows there are plentiful peeps in this world that despise me already so I will leave of my own accord if I am not wanted here. Just please grant me that exit on my own steam instead of booting me out the door becuase my arse end is getting rather bruised and battered from just such abuse many times over.
TY Regards One very tired sniffling and sneezing puddy tat.

I just had to share this wonderful Christmas card with all of you. Merry Christmas everyone.

Ashland College always does a beautiful Christmas card and this year they have done another one.

This should get you into the Christmas Sprit.

Make sure you have your speakers on and enjoy.


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